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Project Description
Ham Bone Soup is a open source software written for satisfying the needs of Amateur Radio operators. The central feature is an especially flexible logging system for acommodating contests and general purpose logs, but will grow to include many other vital Amateur radio features.

It doesn't do anything yet, we are just geting started.

Why yet another logging Program?
We are disastisfied with the lack of flexibility in the existing logging software.

Goals of Ham Bone Soup
- Flexible logging forms, flexible scoring, easy editing, easy validating, easy to keep up to date and current, rig integration, cluster integration, open source for developers of free software for the Amateur Radio community,
and for us to have fun writing it!

How to Get Involved in this project
1. Help us specify the features and architecture as an editor.
2. Help us to develop modules.
3. Help us by testing out the software.
4. Promote and publicize this software to help build an extensive user base and community.
5. Participate in the discussions.
6. Provide feedback in the form of constructive observations and brainstorming.
7. Send boxes of money. (Just kidding, we'll all be self funded on this).
8. Submit a logo for us to use for the software, we'll hold a vote in the discussion group on all submissions by March 1, 2012.

1. .Net Framework 4.0 Client Profile

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